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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Headline News

PCT Poll: Public Interest in Pest Control and the Bee Population

The current PCT Reader Poll asks:Have you ever had anyone question/confront you about pest control and the declining bee population? More

Million-Dollar Club Virtual Event Coming Next Month

PCT is hosting the upcoming Million-Dollar Club Virtual Conference. Sponsored by Arrow Exterminators and scheduled for May 20, the event will focus on business development/growth initiatives specifically for pest management companies in the $750,000 to $1.25 million range. More

AIB and RK Pest Management to Present Food Plant IPM Seminar

New pest management strategies and control technologies top the lineup for the IPM in Food Plants seminar, sponsored by AIB International and RK Pest Management, and being held in June. More

Man Burned Trying to Kill Bed Bugs Inside Rental Car

Police say a Long Island man set his rental car ablaze while trying to kill bed bugs inside the vehicle. More

Schwalb Joins U.S. Pest Protection

Veteran industry professional Ron Schwalb is the company's new corporate technical director. More


InTice 10 Perimeter Bait Now Labeled for Carpenter Ants

The product is a 10% boric acid granular bait. More

FMC Corporation Completes Acquisition of Cheminova A/S

FMC completed the acquisition of Cheminova for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $1.8 billion, including assumption of debt. More

Edible Insects May Help Feed Growing Population

An increasing number of "entopreneurs" are launching businesses to feed a growing appetite for crickets, mealworms and other edible insects. More

OvoControl Now Registered in Mexico

The product is a ready-to-use bait, dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic wildlife feeder. More

RK Environmental Announces Upcoming Courses

A Food Security/Defense Course is scheduled for May 12, and a Certified HACCP Course takes place May 13-14. More

Firm Developing Bionic Insects

German auto firm Festo is developing bionic ants and robot butterflies, which they envision will be a part of future factories. More

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