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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Home News ABC Employees Donate More Than $5,000 in Toys to Charity

ABC Employees Donate More Than $5,000 in Toys to Charity

Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts with one another, ABC staff members were encouraged to bring at least one unwrapped toy to donate to the less fortunate children in the DFW area. Pictured (from left to right) are ABC V.P. Terry Cooper and his son, Colton; ABC President Dennis Jenkins and his son, Russell.

| December 22, 2009

DALLAS - ABC Pest & Lawn Services of Dallas/Fort Worth held its annual Christmas Party this past Dec. 19, with one major change to the agenda. This year, instead of employees exchanging gifts with one another, all staff members were encouraged to bring at least one unwrapped toy to donate to the less fortunate children in the DFW area. The charitable outpouring was amazing.  Once everything was counted the employees of ABC Pest & Lawn had donated over $5,000 worth of toys to Christian Community Action, a local DFW Charity. 

Dennis Jenkins, owner of ABC Pest & Lawn of Dallas/Fort Worth, has admired the work of the organization for over 15 years. “I feel CCA does so many great things for the community and I hold it close to my heart," said Jenkins, "In fact, when we moved our offices to Lewisville 5 years ago, I made a commitment to donate pest control to all of CCA's facilities."  Jenkins hopes to strengthen that commitment by making toy donation an annual part of ABC's Christmas Party. 

Since 1973, Christian Community Action has been helping those less fortunate.  Portraying God’s love on a daily bases this ministry has provided more than 12,000 families with the assistance they need and the tools to teach them to help themselves in the future. They offer more than 30 programs designed to give families the skills they need.

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