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Friday, May 29, 2015

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Advantage Flying Insect Trap

Insecticide, Old Market Place

J. F. Oakes October 27, 2009

Solve Your Flying Insect Problems - With the World's First Permanent/Disposable Flying Insect Trap System.

Permanent...because it is made of a durable, break-resistant molded plastic which can be used over and over again.

Disposable...because there is a throw-away liner for easy clean-up.

Key Benefits:

  • Reusable
  • Large capacity
  • No moving parts - No electricity
  • Dual Entry
  • Covers Large Areas

Easy to Use:

  • Remove top rain cap and unlock the top lid.
  • Remove the disposable line and discard with dead insects into a plastic garbage bag.
  • Replace economical liner and add new attractant. Fill with water and stir well.
  • Replace lid and rain cap.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for activation when using our Fly Banquet.


  • Lures a wide variety of flies - Stable flies, blow flies, house flies, sludge flies, blue/green bottle flies, large gnats, etc.
  • EPA exempt - no restrictions to adhere to.
  • No poisons - safe to use around people and animals.
  • No chemicals - environmentally safe.
  • All natural ingredients - contains chicken, fish, natural herbs & spices.

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