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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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PCT Magazine | March 25, 2014

Syngenta Professional Pest Management
Syngenta Professional Pest Management in February announced its Altriset termiticide is now registered for use in New York. This registration excludes Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Syngenta says through its unique mode of action and non-repellent active ingredient, Altriset stops termites from feeding within hours of application, preventing further structural damage, and spreads the product throughout the colony. Altriset continues working for an extended period of time to provide long-term termite protection, the firm reports.

Syngenta says Altriset controls termites with a low use rate and has an excellent environmental profile when used according to the label.

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A new 28-inch extension Tech-Reach Bait Pro from Technicide provides more length for technicians to reach into areas where pests are a concern. The Tech-Reach allows for deeper baiting behind customer equipment, and higher and lower reach for difficult spots, making it easier for technicians to do their jobs and save on labor time, the company said. The bait syringe is at the end of the tool, so bait is not wasted and stuck in an extension tube, Technicide added. For more information, watch the video at

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B&G Equipment Company
B&G Equipment Co. has introduced a new “cleanable” Bait Gun Holster with a host of user-friendly features, including a removable plastic tube that catches loose bait drips inside the holster, making it easy to clean, the firm says. Other features include a Velcro strap to secure the bait gun in the holster, two expandable straps that carry two extra bait syringes, a pocket for spare tips and a new look. The bait gun holster is compatible with most bait guns currently available to PMPs, B&G reports.

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