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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Jeff Fenner


[Annual Fly Control Issue] Putting the Chill on Pests

Annual Fly Control Issue

Silvandersson offers a line of non-toxic, low-impact pest management products — including the Cryonite cold application system and a line of glueboards and traps.

June 30, 2015

For many years pest management professionals have dusted, baited, sprayed, vacuumed and applied heat to eliminate pests in customers’ homes and businesses. But what about turning the temperature down a notch and putting the big chill on insect pests?

Silvandersson Sweden AB, founded in 1982 as a cooperative venture between the Swedish food industry and researchers, offers pest professionals in the United States a product line of low-impact, non-toxic pest management products — including the Cryonite cold application system and a line of glueboards and traps.

The Cryonite System is designed to eliminate small insects — bed bugs, cockroaches and stored product pests — with an arctic blast of carbon dioxide “snow” that will literally freeze the insect with temperatures below -100°F. Service technicians use a specially designed application tool attached to a CO2 cylinder to apply the moisture-free product in a wide array of accounts and surfaces, including electronic equipment.

This precise application method can be incorporated into a more comprehensive IPM-based program that includes baiting/trapping, sanitation and targeted applications of traditional pesticides.

Advantages of the non-toxic, non-allergic Cryonite System include:

  • No resistance build-up
  • Dry method, can be used in electric devices
  • Eliminates all stages of insect life cycle
  • Leaves little to no environmental footprint

Cryonite can be used in a variety of accounts, including food processing, storage and transportation facilities, hospitality accounts (hotels, restaurants), health-care facilities, office buildings, multi-family housing and special, sensitive accounts including museums and “clean room” environments.

Fly Control Solutions.

With stricter food safety regulations and third-party audit requirements in place, preventing bacteria-carrying flies from gaining access to food-processing facilities, restaurants or college dining halls is critical to stopping the spread of food-borne illnesses.

To assist pest professionals in controlling flies in critical accounts where an infestation not only presents a major health hazard but could result in significant damage to a client’s brand, bottom line and even closure by local health officials, Silvandersson has developed a diverse line of IPM-based insect traps and lures.

The traps feature pheromones built directly into the glueboard surface that attract greater numbers of flies, according to the company. This not only helps reduce the fly population but assists pest professionals with their inspection and data collection protocols as they try to determine the source and severity of the infestation.

One of the unique aspects of the product is the use of a patented, adhesive 3D pattern featuring fluorescent colors in the trap’s design. Research has shown that when sunlight hits the colored surface more flies are drawn to it, Silvandersson reported. The unique pattern allows the traps to blend into the environment where they are applied and become virtually unnoticeable to the client or to their customers.

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