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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Home Store OUT OF PRINT: Battling Bed Bugs in Apartments pamphlets

OUT OF PRINT: Battling Bed Bugs in Apartments pamphlets

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Battling Bed Bugs in Apartments (2011 Edition) - OUT OF PRINT

Educating your customers about bed bug facts and what it takes to control them is part of your job. Why control is labor intensive and why complete eradication cannot be guaranteed are just two of the questions you probably face at each new apartment property you are called to. Having an educational piece to support and reinforce your answers will help your clients understand and become your ally in battling bed bugs.

Battling Bed Bugs in Apartments is an educational handout for your clients. This eight-page article, written by Michael Potter and Kenneth Haynes (both professors at the University of Kentucky), explains why bed bugs are so prevalent in apartments, how they can be controlled and what cooperation you need from the residents and apartment management to effectively control infestations. It further explains the challenges, treatment programs and outcomes that can be expected.

The handouts are "digest size" (5" x 7") and have a "For more information, contact .. " box on the back page where you can stamp your company's contact information.

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