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Monday, July 06, 2015

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The BaitGun System is specifically designed for the application of paste and gel bait insecticides.  We offer two types of BaitGun’s, the original BaitGun and the BaitGun 2000.   The original BaitGun is designed for use with both paste and gel bait products.  The BaitGun 2000 is designed for use with gel type baits only. 

Baiting technology represents the fastest growing trend in the structural pest control industry.  It involves applying placements of a food-based attractant mixed with an active ingredient insecticide to the affected area.  Control is achieved by the attractant luring the target pest to feed on the placement, subsequently ingesting the insecticide.

The BaitGun System is the preferred choice worldwide for the application of paste and gel baits.  Here are some reasons why;

·         Apply baits faster and reduce labor costs

·         Apply baits precisely - eliminates waste and reduces bait costs

·         NO drooling or dripping of bait after releasing the trigger  

·         Easy trigger motion to avoid hand fatigue

·         Rugged alloy construction

·         Can be used with all the major prepackaged cockroach and ant baits worldwide

·         Guaranteed performance, durability and warranty coverage

Please review our Accessories List.  We have the most comprehensive line of equipment available for bait applications in the industry and the performance is guaranteed.