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Saturday, July 04, 2015

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Bird Barrier

20925 Chico Street Carson CA 90746

ph: (800) 503-5444 fax: (310) 527-8005

Bird Barrier: America's Most Comprehensive Selection of Bird Control Products: Bird Barrier offers America's most comprehensive line of bird control products. All problems caused by nesting, roosting or loafing birds can be permanently solved by one of Bird Barrier's, humane, discreet, mechanical products. Today's building owners and pest control professionals now have an alternative to ineffective sound devices, sticky gels, plastic owls and snakes, inflatable eyes and razor-sharp spikes. Say good-bye to ineffective products, say hello to Bird Barrier's wide range of guaranteed bird relocation systems.

Humane: All Bird Barrier products are truly humane and cruelty free. While other products with sharp spikes claim to be humane, Bird Barrier's products truly cannot hurt birds or humans who come into contact with them.