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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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Sostram Corporation

2520 Meridian Parkway Suite 525 Durham NC 27713

ph: (866) 429-0887

Dirty jobs done right. Through an expanding line of environmental care products offering “Clean Solutions to Dirty Problems,” the Sostram Corporation reinforces its commitment to the pest management industry.

BOR-RAM™. A better borate is born. Pest management professionals looking for convenience, environmental stewardship and value in a glycol-based borate product rely on BOR-RAM termiticide, insecticide, fungicide concentrate.
BOR-RAM delivers long-term control of termites, wood-boring beetles, ants and wood decay fungi and is EPA registered as a primary subterranean termite pretreatment for new construction. Easily diluted with water and sprayed directly on wood or other building materials, BOR-RAM offers important advantages over traditional soil-drenching termiticides. It supports green building initiatives by creating a long-term borate barrier targeted at the food source, rather than a broadly dispersed barrier in the soil. In addition, BOR-RAM requires relatively few gallons of diluted product per average application and offers greater scheduling flexibility.

MOLD-RAM® makes sense. MOLD-RAM is a highly effective surface mold and mildew prevention product and a valuable source of extra-service income for pest management professionals. It prevents surface mold and mildew on a variety of materials and is designed to be spray-applied during new construction or to appropriate areas of existing structures. MOLD-RAM is EPA registered and ideal for tank mixing with BOR-RAM to provide protection from mold, mildew, termites and fungal decay with a single application.

ODOR HUNTER™ destroys odors instantly. ODOR HUNTER hunts odor down and stops odor in its tracks. It delivers fast, broad-spectrum control by attacking odor molecules at their source. ODOR HUNTER is not a masking agent or an enzyme product, but a patented instant odor eliminator combining advanced technology with a unique, molecular mode of action. When ODOR HUNTER is sprayed or fogged, it is instantly effective against a broad spectrum of common noxious odors originating from many sources, including animals, trash, mold and mildew, water and smoke damage, sewage and others. The product is available in a convenient ready-to-use or economical concentrate formulation.

MOLD-RAM is a registered trademark and BOR-RAM, ODOR HUNTER and “Dirty jobs done right.” are trademarks of Sostram Corporation. ODOR HUNTER is covered by one or more of the following patents: 6,296,841; 6,667,030; 6,743,420; 2,317,853. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending. Always read and follow label instructions before applying any product.