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Saturday, July 04, 2015

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3568 Tree Court Ind. Blvd. St. Louis MO 63122

ph: (800) 777-8570 fax: (636) 225-3739

Whitmire Micro-Gen is the largest manufacturer and supplier of insecticides and equipment to the Professional Pest Control Industry in the U.S. The core business at Whitmire Micro-Gen is structural pest control where innovative systems of insecticide products and equipment are used to solve insect problems. Whitmire Micro-Gen specializes in the manufacture of aerosols and baits for insect control and are developers of unique, environmentally friendly fly control equipment. They are the leader in the manufacture of ultra low volume fogging equipment and are responsible for the development of microencapsulation technology. Education remains the backbone of the company and continues to grow in importance.

Whitmire Micro-Gen manufactures innovative insecticides and equipment for the Professional Pest Management Industry and provides superior training and support to its customers. For more information on Whitmire Micro-Gen products, call 1-800-777-8570 or visit our web site at