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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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Batcone LLC

2615 Carmel Ave. Brewster NY 10509

ph: (914) 886-2147 fax: (914) 332-6541 http://

Bats fly out and never return
It’s the safe and humane way to rid homes and commercial buildings, institutions and schools of unwanted bat colonies. Bats can’t return to the site once BatCone™ has been installed.

It takes just a few minutes to install BatCone™ or ProCone™ and all you need is a small supply of duct tape, silicone caulk, staples or screws!

Expand Your Pest Control Services with the BatCone™.
Now you can provide exceptional bat exclusion services with BatCone™, a unique bat removal device, entirely suited to both residential and commercial buildings. Its flexible construction with flange makes it adaptable to most surfaces. Developed and field tested by Westchester Wildlife, this one-of-a-kind solution to bat infestation provides these exceptional features:
      - Fast & easy installation
      - Made of weather proof, disposable plastic
      - Humane