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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Home News DuPont Professional Products Launches Environmental Packaging Initiative

DuPont Professional Products Launches Environmental Packaging Initiative

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The Environmental Packaging Initiative that will dramatically advance the sustainable features of its products’ packaging, while reducing potential exposure and waste.

Manufacturer press release | October 27, 2009

WILMINGTON, Del. – DuPont Professional Products announced its Environmental Packaging Initiative that will dramatically advance the sustainable features of its products’ packaging, while reducing potential exposure and waste. DuPont is looking beyond its environmentally smart active ingredients and formulations to improve the environmental impact and usability of its product packaging.

“DuPont Terrene is our first accomplishment in a long-range plan to improve our packaging and make a real difference in reducing our global environmental footprint,” said Mike McDermott, global business leader -- DuPont Professional Products. “We’re proud to be the first company in the pest control industry to deliver a compostable and biodegradable packaging, and look forward to more tangible successes as we work hard to fulfill our corporate sustainability mission.”

“The DuPont Terrene packaging was designed in response to the needs of pest management professionals (PMPs),” said McDermott. “In a recent DuPont survey, many PMPs cited concerns about triple-rinsing prior to disposal, and their belief that premeasured packaging allows them to better manage inventory. We listened and created packaging that improves the usability and environmental impact of our products.”
Highlights of the Terrene packaging include:
• ASTM Certified biodegradable
- Degrades in 9 months to 5 years (up to 533X faster than plastic)
- Leaves no toxic residues

• ASTM Certified compostable
- Utilizes water-based inks that are heavy-metal free

• Premeasured Packs
            - Less labor handling and exposure
            - Prevents over- and under- use of product
            - Eliminates need to triple-rinse prior to disposal
            - Easy to access and saves space on technician’s vehicle while minimizing spills

DuPont Arilon insecticide, the first product to feature Terrene packaging, is a residual spray that provides excellent control of ants, cockroaches and other key insect pests species on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Because of its label versatility and excellent toxicological and environmental profile, PMPs can use Arilon in and around both household and commercial locations with fewer treatment limitations.

More information about DuPont Professional Products is available at

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