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Friday, May 22, 2015

Home News Exponent Now Labeled for Residential Misting Systems

Exponent Now Labeled for Residential Misting Systems

Supplier News

MGK announced that Exponent Insecticide Synergist, an emulsifiable concentrate for use as a tank mix with insecticides, is now labeled for residential misting systems

| April 11, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS – MGK announced that Exponent Insecticide Synergist, an emulsifiable concentrate for use as a tank mix with insecticides, is now labeled for residential misting systems. Exponent aids in improving the control of insects and mites.
The new broader Exponent label, which will be posted on the MGK website, allows for the use in outdoor residential misting systems. Exponent helps by inhibiting the mixed function oxidative resistance in insects and raises the level of control by increasing insect susceptibility to insecticides.
MGK has received EPA approval of the revised label and is currently getting state-level approvals for Exponent’s new use patterns, said Monika Morris, Market Manager for Branded Products.
"Pest management and mosquito control professionals being able to utilize Exponent as a insecticide synergist in residential mosquito misting systems is a great expansion not only to the product’s label but to our insect control portfolio overall,” said Morris.
"This is a product that professionals use day-in, day-out and for it to have even more flexibility and more opportunity for their application use certainly broadens our partnership with our customers,” she added. “MGK is always looking to expand our offering as a global leader in pest control solutions and Exponent’s new broader use label is a perfect example of us fulfilling a need in the industry.”
Exponent is labeled for use in food and non-food areas and comes in quart-sized bottles, six per case, and in gallon containers, four per case. The broader label will be available to view later this season.

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