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Monday, June 29, 2015
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Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:23:25 PM
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If you were given a new truck to use for a route that's mainly residential perimeter pest control but sometimes needs to handle a few inside problems as well as any organic accounts...

How would you set it up?

for example:
-backpack sprayers? electric or hand pump?

-roller pump gas rig or electric?

-25, 50 or 100 gallon tank?

-J9 nozzle or one from a garden hose?

-How many B&G's?

-would it be set up for ANY possible pest control situation just in case, or mainly for what's needed?

just curiousThink
Dylan Morrison
Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012 8:54:59 PM
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This is how my truck is setup and I like 90% of the time. Its setup to handle anything from mosquito barriers to full termite treatments

2 B&Gs (one for non-repellents and the other for pyrethroids etc)

1 Birchmeier 4 gall backpack

100 gallon gas roller pump rig with JD9

1 shoulder bag for carrying baits, flushing agents, screwdrivers, mirrors, glueboards etc.

1 Stihl mister blower

1 bucket of contrac/resolv and bait stations

If I were only doing P/C, I would ditch the 100gallon gas rig and go with a 25 electric (definitely sticking with the JD9 though). Then I would add a second backpack to mimic the B&Gs. Only in extreme cases do I use the rig for pest control. The rest of the time its just taking up space or carrying water to refill my backpack with.

Dylan Morrison A.C.E.
City Wide Exterminating
Pest Control Charlotte NC
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