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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

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Insect Control

Ensystex December 9, 2008
MAXXTHOR SC (Suspension Concentrate) from Ensystex is labeled for an extremely broad usage, both indoors and outdoors, against a wide variety of pests. We call it Sidewalk to Sink. Combine this with its outstanding stability and a long-lived residual on almost any type of surface and you have a one-two punch against any kind of pest at any site. It is formulated as a water based suspension concentrate, containing no smelly solvents. That means practically no odor when applied at label rates. Maxxthor SC is also formulated not to leave any unsightly residues. The active ingredient, bifenthrin, is particularly stable in the soil, giving it excellent longevity as a termiticide. USDA Forest Service testing of bifenthrin* has shown it to have an average termiticide effective life of 12 years. That's 12 years of 100% termite control. That's the longest average effective life of any termiticide active ingredient on the market today. And in Florida and Arizona, the effective life is 16 years and counting. Compare these results for bifenthrin to the 7 year average effectiveness of permethrin and 5 1/2 years effectiveness of cypermethrin in the same tests.These results show bifenthrin to be a superior termiticide in terms of effectiveness and longevity. Make the move to the longer lasting termiticide today.
*USDA Forest Service testing conducted with a competing bifenthrin containing product applied to the Maxxthor SC lowest label rate when used as a termiticide.