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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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McLaughlin Gormley King Co. / MGK

8810 Tenth Avenue North Minneapolis MN 55427

ph: (763) 544-0341 fax: (763) 544-6437

MGK pursues new answers to insect control with internal research projects as well as sponsorship of others at universities and institutions. Advanced pest control methods minimizing environmental impact while meeting control requirements hold great promise for the future. And that is where MGK plans to be — at the forefront.
Customer Focus
Teamwork is a natural extension of life at MGK. Management, marketing, and R&D combine resources to provide customers with unparalleled service. Customer-focused teams respond quickly to customer needs with such technical services as:
  • Product development
  • Product analysis
  • Biological testing
  • Custom formulations
  • Registration support
  • Product testing including shelf life, biological efficacy and stability
  • Finished goods packaging