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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Corpse Removal Helps Ants Survive, Study Suggests


According to a study published July 8 in the journal Biology Letters, common red ants (Myrmica rubra) that were prevented from removing their nestmates' corpses died more frequently than those allowed to bring out their dead. More

Trap-Jaw Ants Spreading in Southeastern U.S., Researchers Report


The ants are spreading into new territory in the southeastern United States, according to research done by scientists at North Carolina State University, the Mississippi Entomological Museum, the University of California, Davis and Archbold Biological Station. More

Ants Form Living Arks To Weather Floods


Researchers have found that to survive these cataclysmic events, ant colonies clump into a living arc that can ride on flood-waters until dryer land is found. More

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Cook’s Open House Showcases State-of-the-Art Training Facilities

Residential and commercial training centers provide hands-on educational opportunities in a “real-world” setting for technicians and sales personnel.

Arrow Exterminators Acquires Alchemy Pest Control

Alchemy is based in Raleigh, N.C., and serves the greater Raleigh-Durham area and surrounding communities.

Canada's Bed Bug Problem Worsening, Experts Say

Bed bugs are multiplying in record numbers in cities and smaller communities across Canada, CTN News reports.

'Super Ants' Discovered in London

An invasion of super ants that are attracted to electricity is feared to be spreading across the south of the country after a large nest was discovered in a house in London, reports.

Bed Bugs Turn Up in Senate Office Building

The pests were found on the sixth floor of the Dirksen building last week, causing officials to take emergency measures such as closing off a restroom for a couple of days with yellow police tape, the Daily Caller reports.