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Friday, May 29, 2015

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Terminix Announces Top Mosquito Cities Based on Twitter Complaints


According to research by Terminix, the worst whining about mosquitoes came from Goodland, a small town in the northwest corner of Kansas. Terminix searched through approximately 200 billion tweets posted in 2014 to determine which United States city is most pestered by mosquitoes. More

UF/IFAS Scientists Zero in on Brown Dog Tick Control


Phil Kaufman, an associate professor of veterinary entomology at UF/IFAS, is one of several investigators who have just published two studies. One shows the tick is resistant to the most commonly used chemical applied directly between the dog’s shoulder blades. The other shows the effectiveness of carbon dioxide as a lure for baiting ticks to bed bug traps. More

Yahoo Health: Ticks Are Early, Abundant and Urban This Year


Experts say snow acted as a “blanket” for the blood-sucking insects, insulating and protecting them from the cold. More

DNA Might Determine if a Person is More Attractive to Mosquitoes


A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE involving twins further suggests that genes may play a role. More

PCT Poll: Public Interest in Pest Control and the Bee Population


The current PCT Reader Poll asks:Have you ever had anyone question/confront you about pest control and the bee population? More

Tick-Borne 'Bourbon Virus' Cause of Kansas Man's Death


Researchers have identified the cause of a Kansas farmer's mysterious death last summer. More

Doctors Warn of Tick-Borne Powassan Virus


Researchers with the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station said the Powassan virus is starting to show up in Bridgeport and Branford. More

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Nicotinoid and Fungal Disease Team up to Break Down Termites' Tough Defenses

Purdue University research shows that a small amount of nicotinoid pesticide substantially weakens termites' ability to fight off fungal diseases, a finding that could lead to more effective methods of pest control.

NPMA Announces PesTech³

The new conference, scheduled for Jan. 5-7, 2016, in Silicon Valley (San Jose, Calif.), focuses on technology solutions for pest management professionals.

ESA Announces New ACEs/BCEs for May 2015

The Entomological Society of America announced that seven industry professionals recently earned BCE or ACE credentials.

Industry Icon Blanton Whitmire Dies

Whitmire, whose contributions to the pest control industry include founding Whitmire Research Laboratories (a BASF legacy company) and developing the innovative “crack and crevice” aerosol technology, died on Sunday, at 97.

Ehrlich to Host 'Pestaurant' at Faneuil Hall

Ehrlich Pest Control announced it will host its second annual Pestaurant in Boston on June 3, at historic Faneuil Hall in Sam Adams Park.