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Monday, June 29, 2015

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NPR: PMPs Seeing a Rise in Bed Bugs in Nursing Home


Lack of pesticide use in these facilities combined with a significant amount of belongings that are often moved have led to a rise in bed bugs in these accounts. More

French Researchers Develop New Bed Bug Collecting Device


Researchers believe they have developed a tool that will aid research on bed bugs, ESA reports. More

Available EPA Grant Addresses 'Bed Bugs in Rural Alaska'


EPA is prepared to award a grant of up to $100,000 to help Alaska Native Village communities fight bed bug infestations. More

New Bed Bug Guide from Stephen Doggett Available in the U.S.


‘Do You Have Bed Bugs?’ is a help guide for the identification of bed bug infestations. It is now available through Bioquip Products. More

Bed Bug Awareness Week to be Held June 7-13


The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) will be marking Bed Bug Awareness Week to coincide with the start of the summer travel season. More

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Top news

Univar Goes Public

The distributor went public last week at a market value of $3.03 billion. Univar is a $10 million global distributor of specialty and basic chemicals from more than 8,000 producers worldwide.

Conquering Pests in Commercial Kitchens

If German cockroaches could speak, none of us would be surprised to overhear them waxing poetic about the paradise we know as the commercial kitchen. This environment has all the makings of the good life for these pests – food, moisture, heat and harborage. It’s a place where, if left unchecked, cockroaches could theoretically eat, drink and proliferate without end.

Cockroaches: Fact or Fiction

Do albino cockroaches exist? Do females need males to reproduce? Can cockroaches live without water for more than a month? What does it take to drown a cockroach? Will cockroaches survive a nuclear war?

Massey Services Acquires EcoShield Pest Control

Orlando, Fla.-based Massey Services has acquired EcoShield Pest Control of Atlanta and EcoShield of Austin, Texas.

Plague Confirmed in Colorado Teen’s Death

The Larimer County (Colo.) Health Department confirmed that a teen died from the plague earlier this month.