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Which of the following is the most common mistake homeowners make when it comes to keeping their homes free of rodents?

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Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Buys Stake in Univar
The private equity firm announced a definitive agreement for CD&R to acquire a 42.5% ownership interest in Univar.MORE >>

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EPA and CDC Issue Joint Statement on Bed Bug Control
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed this document to highlight emerging public health issues associated with bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) in communities throughout the United States.

FDA Finds Rodent Infestation on Iowa Egg Farms
The Food and Drug Administration says it found numerous sanitation and biosecurity lapses, including live mice, in the Iowa hen houses that have been linked to a salmonella outbreak and a nationwide egg recall.

Copesan Transitions National Accounts to New England Partners; Announces New Board Member Nominees
Copesan Services announced that its national accounts in New England have been transferred to its Partner companies in the region. The transition was in response to the dissolution of its business relationship with Waltham Services, which was acquired by Rollins Inc.

PWIPM Announces Fun Run/Walk
Professional Women in Pest Management (PWIPM) announced the first-ever PWIPM Fun Run/Walk, a 5K run/walk to raise money for breast cancer that will take place on Oct. 20, in conjunction with NPMA PestWorld 2010.

BedBug Central Featured on All Five Major News Broadcast Stations
Due to several high-profile infestations in New York City, BedBug Central has been selected by numerous media outlets to provide awareness and education.

Bug Doctor Service Professionals Featured on Radio Broadcast
Omar Robinson, Favio Ulloa and Keri Kublin were featured on the Elvis Duran Z-100 FM Radio Morning Show for a segment on bed bugs.

Action Bed Bug Control Racking Up Media Appearances
Action Bed Bug Control has been featured on NBC's Today Show, Fox Philly Channel 29, NPR's All Things Considered, FORBES, WPIX NYC, and WKYW Philly.

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Anderson Pest Solutions Acquires St. Louis-Based American Pest Inc.
American Pest served the St. Louis Metropolitan region providing primarily commercial services.

Turner Pest Control Awarded 2010 Super-Sub of the Year
The company was awarded the 2010 Super-Sub of the Year Award by the Florida First Coast Chapter of the Associated Builders & Contractor, Inc.

Pests a Nuisance During Tailgating Season
Truly Nolen provides tips to help fans from allowing insects to score touchdowns at their expense.

Billy Blasingame Joins Baccus Termite and Pest Control
The longtime industry veteran is now general manager and training director for the Monroe,Ga.-based company.

Borden Pest Control Recognizes Snelling for 20 Years of Service
Glenn Snelling began his employment in 1990 as a pest control technician. He now serves as training and technical manager for three branches.

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Ants Use Multiple Antibiotics to Protect Their Colonies
Scientists in England have discovered that the leaf cutter ant uses multiple antibiotic-creating bacteria as a week killer to protect its fungi gardens that feed the colony from bacteria and fungal infections, much as humans use multi-drug therapies to fight disease.

EPA Developing Web-Distributed Labeling System
As part of a series of initiatives to improve pesticide labeling, EPA is working with external stakeholders to design a new system for delivering product labeling to pesticide users.

USDA Develops New Trap for Wasps, Hornets and Yellowjackets
A new trap is available that lures these stinging, sugar-sipping pests to their doom, thanks to attractants developed by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists and commercialized by Sterling International.


Dr. Nick Hamon to Lead Bayer CropScience Sustainability Initiative
Hamon will focus on building a sustainability platform for the organization leveraging his most recent experience as the lead of sustainability for Bayer Environmental Science.

Woodstream Offers the Victor Kill & Seal Mouse Trap
The trap quickly and humanely kills the mouse and then seals in all the contaminants, biohazards and odors, according to Woodstream.

Video: Roguard Rodent Management System
BASF Pest Control Solutions has created an informational video about the Roguard Rodent Management System, which consists of the RMS Station and Sorexa rodenticide.

Daimer Offers KleenJet Vacuum Steam Cleaner Systems
The company offers six machines for the pest control industry that are designed to kill and eliminate bed bugs, as well as their eggs and waste.

Central Life Sciences Recommends a Multi-Faceted Bed Bug Management Approach
The company recommends a broad-spectrum approach in working with customers to minimize bed bugs’ impact and limit opportunities for infestations.


Speckoz Bonuses on Qualifying Purchases
Speckoz announces a trio of new promotions.


Webinar: 'Full Mobile Solution for the Pest Control Market' to be Held on September 20
Brother Mobile Solutions, Motorola, and Pest Pac Software will be hosting a webinar titled “Full Mobile Solution for the Pest Control Market,” on Sept. 20, from 2-3 p.m. (EDT).

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