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Friday, December 19, 2014

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Service Technician's Field Manual and PCT Technician's Handbook

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Own PCT's two new resources specifically written for today's pest control technicians. Save 16% by purchasing these as a set for a limited time only.

The Service Technician's Field Manual

By: William H Robinson, Ph.D.

Paperback | 218 Pages

The Service Technician’s Field Manual is packed with valuable information providing situation-specific pest control. This 218-page, fully-illustrated manual is perfect for on-the-job reference, in-class technical training, or state- test studies.

The Service Technician’s Field Manual should be a part of every service technician’s technical library and can easily be used to train new personnel. Order one for each technician on your team!

·         The Next Generation Service Technician
·         IPM: Detection and Monitoring
·         Non-Chemical Control Methods
·         Chemical Insecticides and Formulations
·         Application Technology, Economics, and Safety
·         Termite  and Wood-Infesting Insect Control
·         Structural Fumigation, Indoor and Outdoor Insecticide Application
·         Rodent Control
·         Insecticide Application Equipment, Equipment Repair and Maintenance
·         Weights, Measures and Calculations

PCT Technician's Handbook

By: Dr. Richard Kramer

Paperback | 340 Pages  

The PCT Technician's Handbook, 4th Edition provides pest managment professionals with immediate access to the most important identification & management information for 100 commonly encountered pests.

Use this essential guide to pest identification and managment as a training manual and as a field resource. The 340-page handbook includes:

· Chapters on IPM, Inspection & Monitoring, Identification & Control, Equipment, and Safety
· Two-page Pest Profiles for 100 major pests
· Pest Management Case Studies
· Taxonomic Key
· Full-color Pest Identification Guide

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