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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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KleenJet Steamer Supreme

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Daimer Industries, Inc. October 15, 2009
Daimer Industries introduces the KleenJet Steamer Supreme, a high-quality and effective steam cleaner that utilizes advanced "dry steam" technology to create a pressured flow of hot vapor containing only 6% water at temperatures up to 275°F. PCOs can use the KleenJet Steamer Supreme to eliminate fruit flies and other nuisance insects, larvae, and unhatched eggs. The KleenJet Steamer Supreme is a low-cost, effective extermination system that is completely safe for the environment, according to the manufacturer. The system cleans and sanitizes areas such as drains/covers, garbage cans, pipes, hinges, underneath sinks, corners, small crevices, and more. The KleenJet Steamer Supreme makes living conditions unfavorable and reduces numbers of roaches & rodents in commercial businesses. For more information visit The KleenJet tm Steamer system is easy to learn and operate, and includes a rugged housing, maintenance free construction with no moving parts, compact size, a large, easy-to-read pressure gauge, automatic safety pressure valve, rust-proof tank, pressure control, no special plumbing, wiring or heating element required and more.