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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap

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Bell Laboratories October 15, 2009
The Trapper T-Rex rat trap from Bell Laboratories is made of durable plastic and rust-resistant metal. It is constructed to be used over and over. Pest management professionals can integrate it as a new tool for special situations, like chemical-free accounts. Trapper T-Rex can be readily set by foot safely on the ground. Press the trap open like a pedal, keeping fingers free and safe. Trapper T-Rex can also be easily set by hand. Patented, interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible, Bell says. Bell includes a removable bait cup that inserts from the bottom of Trapper T-Rex. The cup can be withdrawn and re-inserted without the trap being set, which greatly enhances safety and ease of use. PCOs can use Trapper T-Rex along a rat pathway or they can insert it into a tamper-resistant bait station. Trapper T-Rex is designed specifically to fit inside Protecta and Protecta Sidewinder bait stations.

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