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Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Maj-Ik Box System

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National Institute of Pest Management October 15, 2009
The Maj-Ik Box System integrates two tamper-resistant rodent bait stations — the Mouse Maj-Ik Box and the Rat Maj-Ik Box — with multi-catch traps to create a powerful defense barrier. Its patented tamper-proof design prevents access by children and wildlife pests, according to manufacturer National Institute of Pest Management (NIPM). The Mouse Maj-Ik Box is constructed of polyethylene and features an elevated bait compartment that shelters bait from the elements. Its innovative drawer and safety baffle system prevent spillage and caching baits by mice. The Rat Maj-Ik Box, which will be available this spring, works on the same principle as the Mouse Maj-Ik Box. The stations will support 300 to 500 pounds, enabling customers to place items on top to blend the box into the landscape. NIPM provides literature about the Maj-Ik Box System that PCOs can use to market the product to customers.