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Saturday, July 04, 2015

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BES Biofeed System

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BESTechnologies, Inc. October 15, 2009
BESTechnologies offers a biological product and dispenser to help keep restaurants’ drain lines clean and reduce the frequency of grease trap pumping. The BES Biofeed® system is a mechanical means of dispensing live microorganisms into the drain line. These microorganisms have been selected for their unusually high production of enzymes that degrade grease and oil. By adding these organisms into the drain line and the grease trap we can increase the degradation of grease and oil by continually seeding the grease trap with highly active bacteria. A typical installation places one low profile unit under the sink this unit dispenses microorganisms 10 to 20 times a day. The bacteria grows in a sealed bag to reduce the odors associated with a live product nutrients and an oxidizing source are sealed into the bag so that respiration from outside air is not necessary. The bag is replaced every 30 days. This is a potential add-on service for pest management professionals who service restaurants and other commercial accounts.