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Sunday, July 05, 2015

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E-spike 6405

Light Traps

Nixalite October 15, 2009
Nixalite of America Inc introduces its newest design, E-spike 6405. E-spike is an all stainless steel economy bird spike that is 6” wide and available in 24” or 48” strip lengths to speed installation time. The new E-spike is available in a stainless steel finish or 8 standard ColorCoat colors and you have your choice of pointed or soft tip spikes. There are several options available for installing e-spike including adhesive, stainless steel hardware, glue clips, gutter straps, ridge caps or custom installation brackets available from Nixalite. E-spike will cover up to a 7” surface with a single row and the flexible base follows curves and can be quickly cut to the desired length.