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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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BASF Professional Pest Control October 15, 2009
Whitmire Micro-Gen has released three enhancements to the System III applicator: a new actuator, a new gasket and an innovative squeeze-style can clamp. (The System III applicator is only compatible with Whitmire Micro-Gen System III aerosols.)

Whitmire Micro-Gen says the new can clamp is simple to attach and is compatible with all current System III units in the field. These parts are now available by ordering a System III Parts Kit. System III , which includes:

  • Attachment Tutorial DVD
  • Attachment Instruction Sheet
  • 6 Crack & Crevice┬« Charcoal Actuators and Straws
  • 6 Teal Stem String and Gasket Assemblies
  • x