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Friday, May 22, 2015

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ProPack Rechargeable Electric Backpack Sprayer


SHURflo Pump Manufacturing Company October 15, 2009
Redesigned SHURflo® ProPack™ Rechargeable Electric Backpack Sprayer delivers convenience and comfort. Suitable for pest control professionals, the new SHURflo ProPack™ SRS-600 Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer provides increased efficiency and comfort.

Capable of spraying up to 120 gallons on one charge, the ProPack’s 12-volt rechargeable battery eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual pumping to decrease operator fatigue and improve productivity. The redesigned sprayer provides a durable protective barrier between the splash-proof battery and any corrosive chemicals in the unit’s tank to avoid damaging the power source. The battery charges 40 percent faster than previous models, helping to get operators back on the job site quicker.

An advanced microprocessor automates the ProPack’s spray settings, a manually regulated function on a traditional sprayer. A master control enables the operator to choose one of four pump speeds to suit the application at hand. The microprocessor works in tandem with a Teejet® all-polypropylene spray wand equipped with an X26 adjustable cone nozzle to help meet nearly all spraying requirements by delivering a far-reaching stream, light mist or high-volume spray. The microprocessor also controls pump speed to guarantee a steady spray regardless of battery charge.

Operators gain full command of the spraying process through ProPack’s on-demand spray control system. This system starts spraying when the hand lever is engaged and stops when it is released. To reduce operator fatigue that can be common on large jobs, the hand lever can be locked in the open position to increase comfort. When equipped with a #4 stream tip, the ProPack has a reach of over 30 feet while delivering a steady, high-volume flow substantially greater than that of manual sprayers.

Through computer engineering, the ProPack’s 4-gallon polyethylene tank features an ergonomic design that fits the shape of the body. Operators enjoy complete comfort, even with a full tank, through design innovations such as padded adjustable shoulder straps, a fully breathable back pad, and a stabilizing waist belt. Maintenance requirements are minimal, thanks to a long-lasting polypropylene pump body, chemical resistant pump and reinforced braided PVC spray hose.