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Saturday, July 04, 2015

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Rocket Sprayer


Taraco Enterprises October 15, 2009
The “Patented” Rocket Sprayer is TWO Sprayers in one. A Backpack and Cart Sprayer. Just flip the switch, and the Rocket sprayer is all automatic, operating on demand.

FINALLY, a New Technology Battery that is durable and dependable. The Battery requires a simple overnight trickle charge. The pump is a high quality diaphragm pump that has adjustable pressure (20- 90psi). The Rocket Sprayer will spray over 70 gallons on one battery charge.

It is Durable, yet Lightweight and Compact! Molded receptacles in the tank for pump pressure adjustment and battery recharging. Simple to Use! Rocket Fast with continuous and consistent adjustable spray pattern. It has high quality hose (15’) and spray wand that comes with an adjustable conejet tip. Different sized fan tips are available if needed.

The Rocket Sprayer operates with all types of Pest Control Chemicals. It has bottom fluid exit that creates ease of emptying the tank. It comes assembled, ready to use, with battery charger included.

The Rocket Sprayer is already in use in the Pest Control Industry and is receiving great reviews.