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Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Stainless Steel Sprayers


Professional Dispensing Systems October 15, 2009
Professional Dispensing Systems’ high grade stainless steel sprayers come in 3- and 5-gallon sizes. A single charge of compressed air empties contents. No stopping to pump. Get work done quickly and efficiently. Time is money, you need to get in and out for the next job. Tire inflator valve allows any compressor 12 volt or larger to charge these sprayers. Filled up to ¾ capacity, pressurized with 90 to 125 psi, tanks spray continuously when trigger is squeezed. Spring loaded safety relief valve assures tank is never over pressurized.

Adjustable pattern nozzle allows for cone shaped mist to narrow stream. Higher pressure gives sprayers ability to shoot stream up to 40’. Add 22” metal extension wand for more reach. Fixed pattern nozzles, 40 degree flat fan available.

Three-gallon sprayers have 15-foot non-kink polyurethane coiled hose; swivel at trigger valve reduces tangles. Five-gallon sprayer has 25-foot coiled hose. If weight is a concern on larger tanks, we have stainless steel 2 wheeled dollies, one for single sprayer, one for double tanks. Both have hose hangers, large solid rubber wheels. For larger jobs the Cheminator™, 2 shelf cart holds four 5-gallon sprayers, color coded hoses, stainless steel arch, signage and hose hangers for the ultimate portable work center. See all our products at Looking for distributors.