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Sunday, July 05, 2015

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XT-2000 October 15, 2009
Unlike traditional treatment methods, XT-2000 travels through wood in all directions. When injected into termite galleries and infested wood it kills infestations on contact.

With XT-2000 your customers will not only have peace of mind, but in addition exclude the hassle of tenting……
• No need to vacate their homes
• No need to board their pets
• No need to disrupt their daily schedules or home offices
• No roof damage
• No need to remove living plants
• No need to remove TV antennas or satellite dishes
• No concerns for expensive and mature living landscape
Simple to Use!!!! Following a thorough inspection, simply locate signs of active Drywood Termite Infestation either visually or via the XT-2000 SIPM Scope, drill and apply. It’s that easy!!!
XT-2000 is also an EPA approved effective method for the treatment of Bark Beetles.
Note: The above photo shows XT-2000’s (dyed blue) capillary effect.

For further information visit or call 1-866-870-8485.