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Sunday, July 05, 2015

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Exodus ULV System


PestWest USA October 15, 2009
The Exodus ultra low volume (ULV) system is a total space spraying solution for pest management, disinfection, mold remediation and deodorizing programs. Available from PestWest USA, this new portable ULV system has a wide range of applications, achieving the optimum droplet size required for use in public health use, plus having a unique programmable timer. This means that treatment can take place ‘after hours’ or when personnel are not present, or for precise application times, saving time and money.

The Exodus uses 34-ounce cartridges that are readily available in the market. The system can be set to treat one area of the facility, while the technician services another area. The Exodus ULV system is highly versatile and can be used against a wide range of insects and micro-organisms in a variety of situations, 34 oz. cartridges of ULV products can be interchanged creating a flexible system without wasting chemical.

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