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Sunday, July 05, 2015

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Hudson Super Sprayer


H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Co. October 15, 2009
Hudson’s new 2-gallon capacity Super Sprayer is the compression sprayer that does it all! Built with all Viton® O-Rings and Gaskets that stand up to harsh chemicals, it is the perfect choice for spraying Concrete Stains, Form Release Agents, Fabric Protectors, Disinfectants and Degreasers.

The Super Sprayer uses the professional grade flat fan and cone pattern nozzles, Kem Oil™ 250 chemical resistant hose, high-performance poly pump, and heavy-duty angled wand. And, no sprayer is more comfortable to use, because the Hudson Super Sprayer features a large Thrustless comfort-grip shutoff, high performance pump and light-weight, stable translucent tank. The entire sprayer is metal-free, eliminating any concerns when used with bleach-solutions and herbicides.