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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Mosquito Coast ‘Tankless’ Mosquito Misting System

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Mosquito Coast Systems October 15, 2009
The Mosquito Coast ‘Tankless’ Mosquito Misting System is designed specifically for a residential backyard, eliminating the need for the large drum traditionally used in mosquito misting installations. The low profile enclosure stands only 20” tall with a 15” wide footprint. Interchangeable metering tips are pre-calibrated to accurately dose the most popular Pyrethrum concentrates, with custom dilution rates available. The internal concentrate tank holds 3 gallons of concentrate, the equivalent of a 150 gallon drum system, to support quarterly pest control service routes. The unit connects directly to a dedicated water source using an external air gap, which meets ASSE backflow prevention standards.

Systems Feature: Wireless remote control and manual mode operation, pre-filtration to remove minerals from hard water extending nozzle life, low voltage digital on-board controller/timer, 200 PSI pump capable of running completely dry without damage and supporting up to 70 nozzle installations.