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Thursday, July 02, 2015

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Actisol System


Environmental Delivery Systems Inc. October 15, 2009
Don’t let your competitors get the first shot at your profits!

In a changing industry where 95 percent of all pesticides can be purchased over the counter by the general public, the pest control operator has been losing credibility and profit. The Actisol® refillable aerosol systems make aerosol delivery affordable, safe, convenient, effective and efficient. The Actisol® systems are available for sale to professional pest control operators.

You’ve never seen such a dramatic flushing and knockdown action as you’ll get with the Actisol® insecticide delivery systems. You’ll be able to kill more cockroaches and other tough pests than you ever could with any other application method. Plus you’ll need less insecticide, outperform your competitors and save money at the same time.

The success of these powerful weapons comes from their ability to penetrate into Deep Harborage Areas. These systems utilize a special atomizing-type nozzle that mixes a high volume of air with a low volume of insecticide. The free flowing air stream combined with total control features allow you to reach target insects where they live, in Deep Harborages.

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