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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

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Masterline Kontrol2-2&4-4

Drill Stop Devices/Ground Fault Interruptors

Univar October 15, 2009
Kontrol2-2&4-4 features:
Superior Formulation - Clean, clear product. Won’t clog equipment.
  • Quick Knockdown - Relief starts in just seconds. Insects are both knocked down and killed.
  • May be applied over specific crops including alfalfa and range grasses, residential, municipalities, playgrounds, parks, golf courses, woodlands and campgrounds.
  • Effective against species of mosquitoes, flies and gnats.
  • Versatile - Easy to apply by air and ground ULV, thermal foggers and by mist barrier applications.
  • Low Odor.
  • Elimination of the 100 ft water set back.
  • Approved for treatment of corrals, feed lots, poultry ranges and zoos.
  • Solid support from Univar on every MasterLine product.