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Monday, May 25, 2015

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Trapper MAX Free

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Bell Laboratories October 27, 2009

With its scent-free formulation, Trapper MAX Free is ideal for use in schools, offices and other locations where allergens or odors may be a concern.

Trapper glue has been vigorously tested to ensure maximum captures and is unmatched in holding mice. This economical glue trap is extra-large with 29 square inches of glue-covered surface – ample space to capture and hold mice and insects.  Its special release paper is easy to remove, saving time and hassles on the job.

Versatile Trapper MAX Free can be placed flat along walls, beneath appliances or wherever mice and insects travel. It can also be folded into a covered glue trap to protect the glue and prolong its effectiveness while obscuring captures from view. Trapper MAX Free also features a perforated edge, which can be removed to allow the glue edge to fit flush against the wall.