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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Nixalite October 27, 2009

Premium and Economy Bird Spikes From Nixalite®
From the world's highest quality and most successful bird spike, our Nixalite Premium Bird Barriers, to the new Low Cost Spike models, Nixalite offers 11 bird spike models. Each line provides different capabilities and features. If you want the world's best all-bird barrier, click on the Nixalite Premium Bird Barrier Spikes. When the budget dictates the job, choose one of the new low cost bird spike lines.

E-Spike and the Pigeon Spike Models are for pigeons and seagulls only.
For small birds or for heavy bird infestations, use the Nixalite Premium Bird Barrier Spikes for total control.

Bird Spike Comparison Table - Use to quickly compare Nixalite's bird control spikes.

Nixalite Premium Bird Barrier Spikes
Premium Nixalite Bird Barrier Spike model descriptions, applications and options.
Order Premium Nixalite Barrier Spikes here.
E-Spike Economy Bird Spike
E-Spike is the most affordable, all stainless steel economy bird spike ever made for
pigeons and seagulls.
Order E-Spike Models here.
Pigeon Spike Composite
An affordable combination of stainless wires and a flexible, UV stabilized plastic base.
Installs quickly on all types of surfaces.
Order Pigeon Spike Composite here.
Pigeon Spike Plastic
The lowest cost deterrent for pigeons and seagulls available. This all UV stabilized
clear plastic spike installs quickly.
Order Pigeon Spike Plastic here.