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Nixalite October 27, 2009

Nixalite® Bird Netting Systems
Nixalite offers complete bird netting systems to efficiently and economically exclude pest birds from all types of objects, openings and structures. To provide a solid foundation, Nixalite offers a full line of bird netting installation hardware and accessories.

Bird Netting & Mesh Comparison Table - use as a quick reference guide for our bird netting and welded wire mesh products.

K-Net HT Bird Netting
Nixalite's exclusive K-Net HT knotted bird netting offers superior strength, seamless construction and unbeatable prices. Order K-Net Here
PollyNet Bird Netting
Economical, extruded, knotless, UV stabilized, polypropylene netting available in 2 grades. Durable, easy-to-install and economical. Order PollyNet Here.
Welded Wire Mesh Barriers
Stainless & galvanized welded wire mesh. Keeps out nuisance animals and birds. Install over, under or around all types of objects, gaps, openings. Order it here.
YardTek Garden Netting
A quick, easy and economical method of bird control for gardens, small fruit/nut trees, shrubs, bushes and more. Order YardTek Garden Netting here.
Net Hardware & Accessories
Nixalite offers a wide variety of bird netting hardware, tools and accessories to make your bird netting installation go smoothly. Order them here.
Bird Net Planning Guide
To be effective, a bird netting installation must be well planned and properly installed. Here is a basic outline designed to help you plan for your bird netting installation.
Estimate for Netting Hardware
The proper quantity and quality of netting hardware is vital to the success of your bird exclusion netting installation.
Installing Poly Hardware
A tough and durable line of bird netting hardware. Made from the same material as the PollyNet bird netting. This page helps you install the Poly Hardware correctly.
Installing Cable Hardware
Nixalite's tensioned cable system is a solid foundation for all types of bird netting installations. Use these guides to help you install a basic cable system.
Installing Bird Netting
This page provides basic procedures for the installation of bird netting. It is not designed to be all inclusive, it covers the steps that most netting installations require.
Quick Quote/Order
If you know your part numbers, enter them here along with the quantity for a quick quote or an order.

If you have an unusual application or a surface that is not covered in this information, please contact Nixalite directly. A Nixalite representative will help you with your application.