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Friday, May 22, 2015

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Bird Barrier October 27, 2009

Where to use: Ledges, beams, signs, roofs, parapets, etc.

Target Bird: All species

Bird Pressure: Light-heavy

Material: PVC track with aluminum wire embedded Installation: Glue or screw track to ledge, mount charger unit.

Ease of Installation: Skilled

Low Visibility, Highly Potent Protection: Bird-Shock is America's low-visibility, high-tech solution to bird infestation problems. This ten inch parapet is fully protected with just two rows of Bird-Shock, one on either edge.

Bird-Shock is the only mechanical ledge deterrent system that works for all species of pest bird. Even small birds like sparrows eventually touch both wires at the same time, while larger birds like pigeons complete the circuit immediately, teaching them to find a more suitable location.

How it Works
A crisp, harmless, electrical shock, similar to a harmless, but powerful, static electricity shock, is transmitted through the bird's feet when it touches a hot and ground wire completing the circuit.

Very Discreet
Because the Bird-Shock tracks are only 1/2" high, this is one of the most discreet systems available. Presently the tracks are available only in beige color, but it will soon be offered in tile/brick red and black.

Completely Humane
Bird-Shock is completely harmless to birds, animals and people. It can surprise an unsuspecting person, so warning labels are available and should be mounted in a highly visible area.

The tracks are glued or screwed to the ledge and the charger unit is mounted to a wall near the start of the track. The tracks connect together with male/female connectors much like a child's train track set. A special encased triple wire connects the three wires in the track to the two terminals on the charger unit (positive and negative).

Do not install where children or animals can come into contact with the system.