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Bird Barrier October 27, 2009

Where to use: Any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening or building configuration where pest birds are to be excluded.

Target Bird: All species

Bird Pressure: Heavy

Material: Polyethylene plastic and steel installation hardware

Installation: Netting attached to pre-installed cable system

Ease of Installation: Involved

Installation of SteathNet

StealthNet is attached to a sturdy perimeter cable which is attached to the structure. The cable is attached to the structure with a variety of fasteners which are specially designed to fasten to stone, concrete, wood or steel.

Heavy duty corner attachments are used in the corners or at the ends of the cables. The cable is tensioned using turnbuckles and the net is attached to the cable using hog rings. It is recommended that every square of the net be attached to the cable.

Bird Barrier's StealthNet is the strongest, most versatile and most sophisticated bird exclusion system in America. StealthNet can deny access to pest birds from literally any architectural configuration. Whether it's a courtyard, archway, warehouse roof or parking garage, StealthNet can keep it free from the problems caused by pest birds.

Almost Invisible
Thanks to the fact that StealthNet is made of very thin, ultra-strong, strands of colored polyethylene twine, it can always be installed so that it is very hard to see.

How to Install StealthNet
StealthNet can be installed using a variety of fastening devices created specifically for your building's needs. Whether it's stone, concrete, steel or wood, we offer a professional attachment system that will hold your system in place for years to come.

Long Lasting, 100% Solution
Unlike most nets which offer a one-year guarantee, StealthNet offers a full five-year guarantee against ultra-violet breakdown and defective workmanship. If you analyze your needs and install your system correctly, you will have a bird-free environment for many years to come. Guaranteed.

Assuming the species is correctly identified, and the mesh size is chosen accordingly, it is not possible for birds to become entangled in the netting.