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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Truly Nolen Franchise October 27, 2009

There are many ways to build a business. If you continuously chase everything new; you will miss the basics. Customers are people; like you they want quality and consistency.


Brands are human shorthand to remember who does what. You have your favorite brands for everything you use everyday. But what about the things you don’t think about except when you need them ---- NOW!


How brands work.


Mouse Ears: When someone sees a car driving down the road with ears, the human mind makes a record. This stored memory is ready to pop out when some starts thinking about pest control. Or is in the yellow pages trying to remember the number for the company they already use.


This funny memory establishes the standard for pest control.


Even if no one in your geographic area ever saw a mouse car before they will remember the one you drive. So when they think of pest, termite or lawn care, they will think of the mouse. Of course if they travel they will have seen the symbol and once they see yours believe that you are ‘everywhere!’


So if you had the Mouse, the 800 number, the Internet marketing, the numerous trademarks, the marketing, the training, and the business systems could you maximize the potential of your business with this brand in your markets?


This FUN brand engages you, your customers, and staff  -- Call me today! 800 458 3664