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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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American Bio-Systems October 27, 2009

Restaurants, hotels and other food service facilities often experience sanitation problems associated with the accumulation of organic material that is not removed with traditional floor mopping products. These problems include fruit fly, drain fly, and other small filth-breeding fly infestations; plus noxious odors and slow drains.

To eliminate small-fly infestations, pest control professionals often advise their clients to improve cleaning practices and to use a biological degrader. Most clients do not comply and their problems persist.

BioMop is a general floor cleaner combined with a highly concentrated biological degrader. BioMop cleans the floor and removes organic material -- all in one step. BioMop can replace the current floor cleaning product, or it can also be used as a biological rinse when another floor cleaning product is preferred.

BioMop can also be sprayed into problem areas that cannot be reached during regular mopping.

A marketing program has been established for qualified pest control operators that desire to market BioMop to their clients. Sign up today.