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Friday, May 29, 2015

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Power Puff

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Gremar Inc. October 27, 2009

New Hand-Held, Battery-Powered Dust Applicator!

Special Features

  • Powered from a 12-volt battery that can be recharged without being removed from the duster. It comes with a 110-volt charger, and a 12-volt charger so it can be powered when enroute.
  • Three different size tips to be used for crack and crevice, wall voids, block walls, etc. It also comes with a 9" extension that when used increases the electrostatic charge of the dust.
  • Designed to sit on its backside for easy two-handed filling.
  • A safety switch that prevents accidental discharge.
  • A clear-view canister that allows for continuous monitoring of the dust level.
  • Comes in a portable plastic carrying case complete with a belt carrying hook, the 12-volt charger, the 110-volt charger, the 3 different size tips, and a 9" extension.