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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Specialty Products October 27, 2009

All of the BaitGun Syringe Components are manufactured by Specialty Products under strict quality control.  BaitGun syringe components are certified to be free of silicone, lubricants or other contaminants that could affect the performance of the product packaged in the syringe. 

We offer clear syringes and UV block for bait products sensitive to ultra violet light exposure.

The 30cc syringe will fit the BaitGun and all other bait applicators sold worldwide.

Syringes are available in kits of (10) and bulk kits of (1,000).

See the entire BaitGun Syringe System.

·         Our syringe system employs the use of our patented reservoir and No drip piston design, which provides superior performance over other similar packaging available.

·         Our system is designed specifically to dispense viscous gels and pastes, and will dispense all the bait inside without waste or leftover residue.

·         All components are molded without lubricants or contaminates of any kind, which could change the performance of the product packaged inside and the labels from adhering.

·         From a dispensing performance standpoint, our components require less force to deliver the bait and do so without residual dripping.  This is a very important factor to consider for the end-user acceptance of the product. 

·       All components are molded of 100 % virgin inert polypropylene and polyethylene and are designed to accommodate the rigors of field use and long-distance shipping, handling and extended shelf life of the bait packaged inside.