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Saturday, May 23, 2015

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Syringe Filling Station

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Specialty Products October 27, 2009
The 8000BF syringe filling system gives bait manufacturers, contract packagers and high-volume end users a cost-effective way to fill 30cc syringes quickly and accurately.

The pneumatically operated 8000BF is a compact, versatile system that can be fed from drums, pails or cartridges. It will handle a wide variety of fluid viscosities, ranging from gels to thick pastes and sealants. It is simple to operate, and permits one worker to fill as many as (500) 30cc syringes an hour with +2% accuracy.

To fill a syringe with a specific amount of material, the user simply sets air pressure, adjusts a limit switch to the proper filling height, threads the syringe onto a fitting, and taps an electric foot pedal.

By filling the syringe from the bottom up, waste and mess are eliminated and air pockets are greatly reduced.

8000BF detailed information