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Monday, May 25, 2015

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Xlure™ R.T.U.

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J. F. Oakes October 27, 2009

Xlure™ R.T.U.  is the most convenient insect monitoring trap available. Why? The store product insect pheromone is loaded onto the glue. Everything is in one easy-to-use diamond trap. This is done with new technology, Pherogel™.

Pherogel™  is the advanced formula for pheromone-controlled release. This means the gel matrix releases the pheromone(s) at an even rate, regardless of temperature spikes, allowing 8 full weeks of active life.

  • Ready to Use - Traps are already loaded with pheromone(s).
  • Pre-baited with Pherogel™.
  • Versatile: Numerous Choices in pheromones loaded onto glue in trap.
  • Long Lasting: 8 Week Active Life...2 Year Shelf Life, without refrigeration.
  • Convenient: Uniquely packaged, reseal-able foil bags to protect and store un-used traps for future jobs.

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