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Friday, May 22, 2015

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The Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap

Old Market Place

J. F. Oakes October 27, 2009

If we can't catch Yellow Jacket.... Nobody can!

PERMANENT TRAP: The Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap is made of heavy duty molded plastic which can be used for many years.

DISPOSABLE PARTS:  Extra trap includes a disposable liner for easy clean-up. Extra liners are sold separately.

VERSATILE:  This trap can also be converted to capture files and other flying insects by changing the type of attractant/lures.

EFFECTIVE:  Because of the dual entry holes (top & bottom), a chimney effect is created...dispersing the lures & attractants out over a 30' radius form the trap in all directions.

EACH TRAP CONTAINS: The Advantage Yellow Jack Trap, Disposable Liner, Bait Rod, 30 Day Yellow Jacket Lure, and Instruction Sheet.