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Friday, May 22, 2015

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Anstar Products October 27, 2009



The Metal-Gard trap cover is an 18 gauge steel trap cover that fits both the Tin-Cat and Catch-All rodent traps.  This heavy duty cover has pre-drilled mounting holes that allow it to be easily secured to the ground and prevent the damage that occurs in busy industrial areas.


Features and Benefits:

·       Available in two sizes

·       Fits Ketch Alland Tin Cat

·       Prevents crushing on docks and in ware houses caused from heavy loads, falling objects and fork lifts

·       Anchors your rodent placements where you want them and keeps them in place.



When to use:

Anywhere that damage can occur for

·       Automatic Traps      -  Cardboard Stations

·      Glue Board Placements.