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Monday, November 24, 2014

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Service Technician's Field Manual and PCT Field Guides Library

Structural Pest Management
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Looking for handy, yet comprehensive, guides to the most common pests and best practices for their control? 

The Service Technician's Field Manual 

 By: William H Robinson, Ph.D | 218 pages | Published: 2012
This manual is packed with valuable information providing situation-specific pest control. This 218-page, fully-illustrated manual is perfect for on-the-job reference, in-class technical training, or state- test studies.
Topics include:
·               The Next Generation Service Technician
·               IPM: Detection and Monitoring
·               Non-Chemical Control Methods
·               Chemical Insecticides and Formulations
·               Application Technology, Economics, and Safety
·               Termite and Wood-Infesting Insect Control
·               Structural Fumigation, Indoor and Outdoor Insecticide Application
·               Rodent Control
·               Insecticide Application Equipment, Equipment Repair and Maintenance
·               Weights, Measures and Calculations
The PCT Field Guide set is a collection of six popular pocket-sized reference guides to the most common pest control issues. They make pest identification quick and easy and should be part of every PCO's technical library.
The five-volume set includes:
·               Management of Structure-Infesting Ants - 3rd Edition
·               Management of Urban Spiders - 2nd Edition (Published 2012)
·               Management of Structure-Infesting Beetles, Vol. 1
·               Management of Structure-Infesting Beetles, Vol. 2
·               Bird Management Field Guide
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